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  • Update #3 – July 4th, 2022 Hello cat friends! Short update today for our Independence Day. I’ve added a feature that was originally requested to have all the images laid out in a gallery. You should see it available here. It’s essentially the same page as the main one, except it adds a gallery atContinue reading “Update #3 – July 4th, 2022”

  • Update #2 May 20th, 2022 Hello cat friends! Here is your update #2 I’ve added a few things to hopefully improve your user experience: User accounts Ability to access your post and edit them Ability to search posts As always, I try to keep this platform as open as possible because this isn’t my site–itsContinue reading “Update #2 May 20th, 2022”

  • Update #1 – May 9th, 2022 Hello cat friends! I’m slowly rolling out more features to the website to help make the usage more enjoyable. For the first update, i’ve added unique pages for each submission so that you have a permanent link to share around that will query the submission’s image, details, contact info,Continue reading “Update #1 – May 9th, 2022”

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